Ever feel like the world throws labels your way – “average,” “unremarkable,” “not enough”? We all do. But what if those labels are like cheap wrapping paper, hiding a soul crafted in the image of God?

The truth is, you were created with incredible potential, a unique masterpiece envisioned by the Divine Artist Himself. Jochebed, the mother of Moses, offers a powerful glimpse into this truth. Exodus 2 tells us that when Jochebed gave birth to Moses, she saw that he was “tov” – Hebrew for “good.” This word, used in the creation account to express God’s satisfaction with His handiwork (Genesis 1), reveals a profound reality: every human life bears the imprint of the Divine Artist, echoing with the goodness He spoke over creation itself.

When Jochebed looked at her son, she saw beyond the dire circumstances that surrounded them – the oppressive rule of Pharaoh, the decree to drown every Hebrew boy in the Nile, and the bleak future that seemed to await her child. She refused to let earthly labels define him – “slave,” “outcast,” “endangered.” Instead, through eyes of faith, she recognized the imago Dei, the image of God, within him. She perceived the unique potential and purpose God had placed in his life, even in the face of immense danger.

As believers, we are called to cultivate this same perspective, both for ourselves and others. In a culture that often reduces identity to performance or status, we must learn to discern the imago Dei in every human soul. This requires a daily choice to resist the labels the world assigns and instead align our vision with the truth of Scripture: we are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14), created for good works prepared in advance by God Himself (Ephesians 2:10).

But how do we begin to embrace this truth in our own lives? Like Jochebed, we must learn to see beyond the surface and recognize the divine fingerprints upon our souls. This starts with a willingness to quietly sit in the presence of our Creator, inviting Him to reveal the unique beauty and purpose He has knit into our very being. As we surrender our self-perception to the gentle whispers of the Holy Spirit, we’ll find our eyes gradually opened to the reality of God within us, enabling us to embrace the masterpiece He has created us to be.

This week, set aside time to prayerfully consider the ways in which you may have allowed earthly labels to obscure your God-given identity. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the unique gifts, passions, and callings He has woven into your very being – the “tov” that reflects His image within you. Commit to stewarding these gifts not merely for personal fulfillment, but as a means of bringing glory to your Creator and reflecting His love to a broken world.

As you begin to see yourself and others through the lens of the imago Dei, you’ll find your life transformed. No longer defined by the labels of this world, you’ll be free to embrace your true identity as a child of God, a masterpiece created to bear witness to His goodness and grace. In the words of C.S. Lewis, “There are no ordinary people. You have never talked to a mere mortal.”

So, how will you begin to live out the extraordinary truth of the imago Dei this week? What steps can you take to celebrate and cultivate the unique potential God has placed within you, allowing it to shine as a beacon of hope in a world desperate for His light?