The hawkers at Penang are a good place to enjoy delicious food. You can find many stalls selling local delicacies, such as Teochew Penang Laksa, Hokkien Char Koay Teow, Nyonya Mee Goreng, and Mamak Rojak. They are a crucial part of Malaysian culture and history and as a result, they have been the backbone of Penang’s economy. However, over these two years since the pandemic started, the scenes were no longer the same. Tourism was close to nil, domestically, we’ve spent most parts of 2021 with no dining in and interstate travel. It feels different to see the food courts empty during the prolonged lockdown. But it does make me feel nostalgic for what was and what might not be again. So here is to hope that the scene will change soon that they will come back soon and be greeted with more customers than before.

Enjoy some of the photos from my archives to reminiscing the good old days.

Gurney Drive hawker stalls at opening hours
New Lane is another popular tourist spot
The night scene at Gurney Drive. Always packed!
Pulau Tikus market