In the mid-1990s, Apple, a company co-founded by Steve Jobs, was on the brink of bankruptcy. Jobs, who had left Apple in 1985 after a power struggle, returned in 1997. With his return, he didn’t just bring innovative product ideas like the iMac, iPod, iPhone, and iPad. He brought a renewed sense of purpose to the company. While Apple’s intention was always to create cutting-edge technology, Jobs emphasized a deeper purpose: to make technology an intuitive extension of every individual’s potential. This wasn’t just about selling products; it was about enhancing lives.

Intention Provides the How, Purpose the Why

Our intentions are the steps we take, the actions we commit to. They are the ‘how’ of our journey. But behind every intention lies a purpose, the ‘why’ that gives meaning to our actions. It’s the fire that fuels our journey, the passion that drives us forward. For Apple, their intention was to design innovative products. But their purpose? To challenge the status quo and think differently.

In life, we often get caught up in the daily grind, focusing solely on our intentions – the tasks, the to-dos, the responsibilities. But when we pause and dig deeper, we realize that it’s the purpose that gives depth to our intentions. It’s the difference between merely doing a job and making an impact. And as we transition from one intention to another, it’s the underlying purpose that remains constant, guiding us.

Intention Manifests Action, Purpose Ignites Passion

Like a compass guiding a ship, our intentions steer our daily actions. But it’s the purpose, the destination, that fills our sails with wind. Setting the intention to innovate is commendable. But igniting that intention with a purpose – to transform the user experience – makes each innovation a beacon of progress.

Think of it as the heartbeat behind every move we make. While intentions might dictate our actions, it’s the purpose that gives life to those actions. It’s the emotion, the drive, the very essence that turns a mundane task into a mission. And as we move from one action to the next, it’s this fiery passion that keeps us going, pushing us to achieve more.

When Purpose Evolves, Intentions Must Follow

As Apple grew, they realized that to stay true to their purpose, their intentions had to evolve. From computers to music, phones, and watches, their products changed, but their core purpose remained. It’s a lesson for us all. As the world shifts around us, our purpose might evolve, and when it does, our intentions must realign.

It’s akin to a tree growing taller, reaching for the sky. As it grows, its branches might spread in different directions, seeking sunlight. But its roots, its very purpose, remain grounded, providing stability. In our lives, as we face new challenges and explore new horizons, it’s essential to ensure that our intentions, like branches, are in sync with our purpose, our roots. Only then can we truly flourish and make a lasting impact.

A Challenge to You

Apple’s resurgence under Steve Jobs wasn’t just about new products; it was about realigning intentions with a clear purpose. Inspect your own life with similar courage. Do your intentions nourish your purpose or simply mimic motions out of habit? Reweave accordingly.

In a world that often blurs the lines between the daily grind and our deeper aspirations, it’s our intentions that guide our steps and our purpose that fuels our passion. As the echoes of our choices reverberate through time, we must ask: Will we merely exist, or will we truly live?