Back in my high school days, I’ve always traveled to Ipoh from Taiping for the Dim Sum, bean sprout chicken, and buy tons of stuff from Makro. Makro is no longer around now after acquired by Tesco.

Twenty years later, coming back to this town, so much have changed! For the better, of course. They have got more tourist attractions places now, more hipster cafes, food is still good, but with more exciting places to explore.

One of the new places that I would like to recommend is the concubine lane (Location detail here). You can find local souvenirs and delicacies here. Even the famous Ipoh “Tau Foo Fah” is here too! If you want to get a cuppa, there are many cafes around. From the hipster Plan B cafe to the old-style Ipoh Kopitiam coffee, they are all within walking distance from Concubine lane.