It has been almost 10 years since I last visited Kuching. I must say there is so much more to explore in this city. We stopped by at the Brooke Museum which is near the… Read More »Kuching

Tokyo streets

The streets of Tokyo. The best expression of the culture, the people, and the place. Enjoy some of the photos. Hope to post more soon

New Yorkers

New Yorkers in their daily routine. The one thing I truly enjoyed here is the pace of the lifestyle. Some find it fast, but for me it’s just nice!


The beaches, the hotels, the food. Bali is definitely the place when it comes to chill and relax


“Watching sunset once a day is good for the soul”


Back in my high school days, I’ve always traveled to Ipoh from Taiping for the Dim Sum, bean sprout chicken, and buy tons of stuff from Makro. Makro is no longer around now after acquired… Read More »Ipoh

Gopeng Getaway

It’s good to get away from the buzz of the city and be immersed in the nature.


Sometimes life is better on the farm

Romantic Hotel

This is so romantic because of the company not the venue